MissFusion - Band Info

Tania Hamilton

Lead Vocals

Tania's been singing most of her life but was discovered in 1988 by Mike Hartwell (The Stateside Hombres) when she later joined "Principle Connection". She then went on to collaborate with "The Common Touch" a 6 piece strictly Northern Soul covers band at 'Low Level Gas', Cheltehnam in the late 80's. A classically trained vocalist studying for 5 years, Tania continues to work as a session and recording artists for many songwriters, DJs, producers and bands whilst singing on audio/radio jingles.

Tania joined "FlowerDrum" in the early 90's, who were originally part of "The King Called the Culprit" with members of EMF. This period brought with it successful UK tours with "The Utah Saints" & "Sunscreen" and the chance to work with The Jam producer Vic Coppersmith-Heaven. During the early to mid 90's, Tania worked with "Under The Influence" a funk-rock-groove band, giving her the opportunity to continue to co-write original music & to meet one of her best friends and soul-mates - Dee Dee Maguire.

Continuously a dedicated Northern Soul fan (she had no choice really, you should meet her dad Stan) Tania went to her first "official" all-nighters at Wigan Casino from aged 14 (unbeknown at the time to her parents ...!)

Always passionate about soul music, Tania felt that the sound of live soul and groove music lent itself to todays live music scene, so the idea of MissFusion was conceived Her mid-term goal is to take MissFusion to play at any number of the soul events and weekenders that she regularly attends.

Tania's most recent solo project with BRS (Ben and Mr Mulatto) has led to a dance track "Nothing" finally being released in Dec 2006 available from www.juno.co.uk.