MissFusion - Band Info

Gaz Atkinson


From - Cheltenham
Fave artist/band - The Beatles
Most recent album bought/downloaded - Muse live at Wembley
Most recent gig attended or moved by - The Police, Twickenham 2008
Fave instrument - Guitar of course ...
Most moving lyric - "And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make" Beatles, Abbey Road.

Gaz has been playing since 1989 when he and his brother formed a group with his neighbours, initially doing rock covers. 'Cleeveland' as they were known, played in the pubs and clubs of Cheltenham from 1995/2001. During it's time, they added original material and moved on to playing the odd show case/gig in London at such places like 'The Bull n Gate'. Various line up changes saw the band continue until in 2003. Matt, Bassist with MissFusion, joined the group until its eventual demise in 2005. Gaz and Matt continued to play and formed another band until going their separate ways in 2006.

Gaz stopped playing for a while due to work commitments which took him abroad and in 2008, through a local paper ad, joined 'Last Taxi', a local group with a good reputation and following. After various attempts to attain a recording deal the band decided to part.

During his time off from playing live, Gaz decided to swat up on his playing which introduced him to all genres of music and styles of playing from classical, country, folk and slide guitar. Gaz unfairly describes himself as "a jack of all trades and master of none". He jumped at the chance of exploring other genres of music and saw MissFusion as the vehicle to do this such as playing Northern Soul, funk etc. Gaz is looking forward to sharing the fresh new sound and energy he brings to MissFusion. He thanks Matt for getting him this gig as and the rest of the band for making him feel welcome